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Calliope and Caliborn were cherub'd into existence and left at an orphanage/institution specializing in stupid babies. To their names, their predecessors bequeathed to them a generous inheritance comprised of several bonds and accounts to keep them properly clothed, fed, and educated. Upon reaching predomination of the body, the winning cherub will receive full access to the accounts and assets left to them. Until then, their finances are controlled by the institution's board and doled out as needed.

Caliborn is in every universe A Little Shit. So he spent a lot of his time reading the institute's strict rule list and doing shit that was obviously not okay because it was just not written on the list. By the time he and Calliope are shipped off to Crocker High, the rule list is three pages long in single-spaced 12 pt Times New Roman.

His pursuits included beating the shit out of anyone who looked at him funny and getting PUMPED!! He totally admires the shit out of muscular ppl so hey-o gonna just join them. He also is a notorious forum troll and is banned from at least 20 something sites for harassment. The bans only fuel him on tbh, and so he moves to more personal territory: jeering people over IM.

He always struggles in school, grasping concepts and ideas just fine (when explained to him in a stupidly specific way) but really fucking sucking at schoolwork. He has no strongest subject in that he would get failing grades in everything if not for Calliope. He tries really hard because he hates being beaten by her, but sucks anyways.


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